Our roots run deep at Wittenberg which makes the partnership we’ve created over the last six years particularly special. In addition to ongoing brand leadership, we’ve had the opportunity to collaborate with Wittenberg on a variety of successful projects covering the full gamut of print, digital, video and environmental.

Brand Guidelines

Working closely with the Office of Marketing and Communications, we evolved the university’s brand platform and developed a comprehensive set of brand guidelines to inform a variety of upgrades. This included environmental graphics installations and updated wayfinding across campus.

University Website Redesign + Development

A university’s website is its best communication tool — it’s the place for a new brand to do its hardest work. As can be the case with .edu sites, Wittenberg’s site was attempting to be everything to everyone. Our strategy with the new site was to shift the primary focus to prospective students and their parents. We believe this approach best captures and engages all audiences. Built on Drupal 8, the site features intuitive UX design and engaging imagery.

May 1 to Day 1

Each phase of the admissions funnel is critical. The result of the May 1 to Day 1 collaboration gives accepted students easy access to important information while presenting content to excite them about their arrival on campus. The experience also provides deposited students a clear understanding of what comes next and a chance to get to know orientation assistants and residential advisors on the web prior to New Student Days.

New Student Video

Getting prospective students and their parents on campus for a visit is an ideal way to illustrate all campus has to offer, but it’s not always a guarantee a single visit will reveal the diverse perspectives and opportunities available.

Featuring current students, faculty, and alumni, the video is a comprehensive story of the student experience. It is shown to all visitors prior to the campus tour.