As the comprehensive stadium experience becomes increasingly important, every touchpoint matters. With this focus, Levy partnered with Knowble to create a branded, interactive opportunity for fans to explore and engage with the venue offerings. The site builds excitement and gives fans all the info they need to eat, drink, and dress the part on gameday. Visit the website.


During an in-depth discovery session with Levy and The Ohio State University, we determined goals for the site, current challenges to consider, and what existing assets and processes to utilize. Knowble produced a content strategy to serve as the foundation for all creative and content development. The creative concepts delivered on the strategy and capitalized on Levy and Ohio State brand standards and strengths.


The homepage utilizes bold imagery, color, and type to engage the user. The Levy story is evident without sacrificing intuitive top-level navigation. The user learns more about the quality of their food and beverage experience, while quickly diving into more tailored information relative to the facility they are visiting.

Venue Specific Pages

This section is the workhorse of the site and what makes the experience engaging for fans. Users locate the section of the stadium they are in to see multiple concessions available nearby. If a specific food or beverage offering is more important than a specific location, visitors can use a number of filters to find exactly what they crave. There is also an option to filter by navigating a map of the stadium.

Local Partners

Levy feels strongly about utilizing and celebrating local vendors who provide the freshest ingredients and support the local economy. By highlighting local partners, fans have yet another way to customize their experience and make decisions based on what matters most to them.


Of all the variables that contribute to making every gameday a success, the people come first.

Whether it’s prospective employees, volunteers, or partners, the community section makes the site a valuable tool on more than just gameday.


Combining the Levy story with the curated offerings available to fans created an integrated experience for every type of fan. The foundation built for Taste the Traditions provides the flexibility to expand to other areas of the fan experience. Featuring apparel specials, point of sale integration, and gameday promotions through the platform are all possible. The ability to customize the site to specific facilities and unique fan experiences is one of the most exciting outcomes of Taste the Traditions. Gameday will never be the same, and we are just getting started!