IC needed a partner to create the messaging strategy and a dynamic website conveying the personalized liberal arts experience found there. Developing a campus-centric CMS, isolating marketing goals, eliminating content, and moving the site from discovery to launch in six months was a win for everyone. Visit the website.

Messaging Strategy

Illustrating IC’s unique offerings and telling the story of its students, faculty, and alumni led the messaging and content strategy.

As a result of the discovery phase, we identified five key pillars to inform messaging throughout the site. The pillars, Graduate READY, Value, International Experiences, Academic Innovation, and a Close-Knit Community grounded the content strategy and created a platform for a site where visitors are compelled to schedule a visit, apply, and eventually deposit.

Website Redesign + Development

Knowble led discovery, designed and developed the site which debuted in February 2018 and has shown exponential growth in site visits. Time on page for academic programs and for recruitment pages such as visit campus and apply for admission have double-digit improvements. The site was recently given a 2018 American Web Design Award by Graphic Design USA.
You can visit the site here.

IC Portal Design + Development

Once the website was live, our focus shifted to the existing internal portal serving as the central hub for all IC students, faculty and staff. The existing portal houses a wealth of valuable, and in many cases critical, information for the college community. This opportunity was not about content, but instead about improving the design of the site, simplifying access to information, and allowing for some user customization.

This portal is built by Jenzabar, which was a new area of development for Knowble. Focused on on the functionality Jenzabar is known for, we created a layer of usability to align with the college’s brand standards and enhance the day-to-day user experience.