Knowble Media is now SimpsonScarborough

In the winter of 2009, we set out to fill a gap. We wanted to create a digital agency that took on a different scale of client-partnerships. Partnerships that were measured by depth & quality instead of quantity.

It was a time that, to some, looked a little foolish to start a business. (There was a recession after all.)

We focused on creating a meaningful business with a team of people we cared about. We stacked our bench with the best people and built friendships among colleagues. We worked with clients who we could really partner with to build a long-term relationship. And, like our team, we built friendships with many.

Along the way, we never took outside investment. Instead, we invested in ourselves, in our team, in our communities, and in the missions of the organizations we called our partners. We built a culture around the core values of craftsmanship, curiosity, vitality, optimism, and respect. We operated with a start-up mentality and remained open to all possibilities that might lay ahead of us. It was an amazing journey — one without an endpoint.

Then, an email from Jason Simon (Partner & COO of SimpsonScarborough) hit our inbox. “Are you available for a meeting?” That was nearly a year ago — November of 2018. What a ride it has been since.

We feel incredibly fortunate to have been scooped up by SimpsonScarborough. Their partners, Elizabeth Scarborough Johnson, Dana Edwards, and Jason, have built a fantastic company with an incredible reputation. And, most importantly, a team that backs it up.

While an acquisition was never part of our plan, the opportunity to combine our teams was impossible to say no to. We’re beyond excited to see what we can do together.

But first, we want to thank you. Thank you for the opportunity to do meaningful work with people that inspire us. We hope that we can do even greater things together in the years to come.

Welcome to our next step.

Bob Rafferty & Ross Ballinger
Co-Founders, Knowble Media